Our Dream for Dallas County

Our Mission is to achieve the 60x30TX plan with equity in Dallas County.

Our Vision is to become the first American city to solve the talent gap by producing equity in college completion.

Our Goals:    

  • A Promise to help high schools ensure ALL students graduate college and career-ready;   
  • A Promise to help colleges and universities achieve 60x30TX with equity for Dallas County;   
  • A Promise to help workforce solve the talent gap

About Dallas County Promise

Who We Are

A well-educated workforce is necessary for Texas to remain competitive in a fast-changing world.

Dallas County Promise is a coalition of school districts, colleges, universities, employers, and communities that have joined forces to help more Dallas County students complete college and begin careers.

We are committed to helping Dallas become the first American city to solve the workforce talent gap by helping ALL students complete college with the skills necessary to succeed in the North Texas job market.