What is Dallas County Promise?

Through the Dallas County Promise, participating colleges provide "last-dollar scholarships" to students who graduate from one of 69 Promise high schools with a high school diploma or associate degree. The Promise scholarship covers the gap between need-based financial aid and the cost of tuition for up to a time limit or the completion of a degree per institution.

All Promise Partner colleges promise to support and challenge you as you make your dreams a reality. Find our list of participating colleges and universities here to see your options. Once you complete an application, verify all information and enroll at the school of your choice, you’ll be paired with a dedicated support staff who will help you navigate college.

Already a Promise Scholar?

Maintain Your Eligibility

Now that you’re enrolled and attending classes, Promise wants to help you finish strong and move into the workforce with credentials and qualifications that employers value most.

Make sure that you review our checklist & calendar below and regularly check our Policy Document to stay on top of the requirements specific to your school.

Current Promise Scholars

Maintain your Eligibility by:

  • Meeting with your success coach or advisor frequently to stay on track.
  • Checking our policy document for your school’s renewal documents and requirements including credit hours, GPA, and Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)..
  • Submitting your financial aid documents by March 1 every year.
  • Keeping your contact information current with three parties: the college or university that you attend, your success coach, and Dallas County Promise. This includes phone numbers, mailing addresses, and personal email addresses.

Transfer Options for Dallas College Students

Current Promise Scholars enrolled at Dallas College are eligible to transfer their last-dollar scholarship to one of five institutions under two conditions:

  • The student is currently enrolled at Dallas College pursuing an associate of arts (AA) or sciences degree (AS)**
  • Minimum requirements for income (if applicable) and transfer GPA are met by the student.

Promise Scholars that meet these requirements are eligible to transfer and complete a bachelor's degree at the following institutions: University of North Texas at Dallas, University of North Texas, Midwestern State University, Texas A&M University – Commerce, Texas A&M University - Texarkana, Texas Woman's University, University of Texas Arlington, and Austin College .

**Students currently enrolled at Dallas College pursuing an associate of applied arts (AAA) or associate of applied science (AAS) may continue with Promise funding at the University of North Texas at Dallas only at this time.

Please review our full list of partners and/or policy document for full details and the requirements of each institution.

Participating High Schools