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Promise Overview & Pledge Checklist


1. Track your Campus FAFSA Progress here.

2. Paying for College

College Advising Resources and Organizations

  • GenTX Community Planning Guide

    Videos, toolkits, workshop planning guides and inspiration from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.

  • Texas College Access Network

    Network of agencies and organizations working to increase student access and success in postsecondary education.

    Texas College Access Network
  • National College Access Network

    Resources, trainings, and advocacy alerts.

    National College Access Network
  • Upnext3
    Free College Advising Texting

    HS juniors, seniors, and college students can sign up for text reminders and on all things college access.

    Up Next/Better Make Room

Continuous Improvement Resources

  • Process Map Template

    Download an instruction sheet and blank template for documenting process steps and its challenges/solutions.

    Process Map Template
  • PDSA Template

    Download activity/strategy worksheet samples along with guiding questions.

    Revised Mirco Pdsa Template
  • Action Report Template

    Download an example action plan and blank template for reporting out on goals and progress.

  • Excel Magic

    Tips and shortcuts for making your reporting life easier.

    Excel Magic Slides
  • Texas OnCourse

    Texas OnCourse Academy provides comprehensive learning on college and career advising to educators.

    Texas OnCourse Tools

Communication Toolkit

Early College High School Push Cards

General Push Cards