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Statement on Why Parent Promise High Schools Were Selected

The inaugural Parent Promise cohort was chosen as a result of their participation with the Rising Sons initiative at Cedar Valley College and their proactive approach to provide educational opportunities for the parents of their students.

The second cohort was strategically selected with a desire to impact economically disadvantaged areas with low post-secondary degree attainment.


Welcome to Dallas County Parent Promise. We are here to help you take a first step towards a different future through education.  

The Parent Promise is an opportunity for a graduating senior from a participating high school to provide their parent or guardian the gift of a college education.  Parents become eligible if the high school senior completes the Dallas County Promise pledge form by February 8 each year.

Through Parent Promise, parents will receive a scholarship that covers any gap between state and federal financial aid and the cost of classes at any Dallas County Community College. Parents may use this to complete a certificate, or for up to five years for an associate degree.

Promise Parents also will be matched with a Success Coach who will serve as a mentor through college completion.

Funding for the Parent Promise is provided by the DCCCD Foundation’s LevelUp scholarship. With a focus on in-demand occupations, Parent Promise looks to augment the workforce to help meet the demand of mid-skill occupations in Dallas County.