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Welcome, educators!

Dallas County Promise is a partnership of local organizations uniting to support students complete education beyond high school and launch their careers. We believe in every student’s potential and in our community’s responsibility to create systems that help students achieve - particularly students from low-income families, first-generation college-going students, and students of color. Thank you for your involvement!

What We Do

You care about your students and want to see them succeed. We do too! Through quarterly county-wide convenings and monthly campus check-ins, we are committed to helping our partners build capacity to dramatically improve postsecondary outcomes for every student. We work alongside campuses to support and complement the work done by college advisors.

Dallas County Promise programming aims to:

  1. Reduce students’ financial barriers to entering and completing college by supporting Promise Partner colleges to implement a last-dollar tuition scholarship.
  2. Help students navigate college enrollment, completion, and career entry by communicating with students via email and text, hosting workshops, and providing personalized support.
  3. Change systems to better serve students through: aligning Dallas County’s college access policy/process goals, amplifying student and parent voice, and supporting campuses to make data-driven decisions by providing regular college access reports, interactive FAFSA completion tools, and customized case management solutions.

What You Can Do

Whatever your official title, you are each a college advisor to your students. Thank you for being a source of support and encouragement for the students in your life. Here’s what you can do:

  • Spread the word about the Dallas County Promise
  • Share this video with students, parents, and others in your community
  • Join our mailing list to receive our e-newsletter for educators
  • Track your campus' progress
  • Be part of your campus’ college access action team
  • Become a coach for the 2019-2020 Promise Student Challenge

Track Your Campus' Progress

The interactive tracker below captures FAFSA growth in high schools across Dallas County. To find your campus, filter the tracker by your school district and select your school. The data depicted is also available here and will be updated weekly throughout the school year to reflect week-over-week growth. (Last updated: 05/31/2019)

Get Involved

High School College Access Action Teams

We believe in the power of campus-based teams using their power, influence, resources, and diverse expertise to strengthen the college and career ready culture for all students. Participating Dallas County Promise high schools each have campus action teams that meet monthly with their Promise staff point person.

The four Promise Learning Community convenings provide opportunities for college access action teams to troubleshoot, plan, and learn from one another.

2019-2020 Dallas County Promise Meetings:

Teams will register to attend one of the two dates offered each month. All meetings will take place from 9am-12pm and links to register will be shared with campus leads. 

  • September 4 & 11, 2019

    November 5 & 7, 2019

  • February 4 & 6, 2020

    April 21 & 23, 2020

Promise Student Challenge

Student leaders from Promise high schools will have an opportunity to participate in an eight-week Promise Challenge, which will provide students an opportunity to design solutions to student-identified challenges as they navigate high school and prepare for life after high school.

For the 2018-2019 year, a total of ten high schools participated in the Promise Student Challenge. All teams convened at Southern Methodist University on Wednesday, March 27, 2019 to present their solutions and discuss opportunities with a panel of leaders from across the DFW region. Click here to watch their presentations at the 2019 Promise Student Challenge Closing Celebration. 

Contact for questions and more information about the 2019-2020 challenge.