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Promise Challenge Presentations 2018-2019


After eight weeks of planning, student leaders gathered at the closing celebration for the 2018-2019 Student Promise Challenge to present their responses to six common challenges. Each high school team had the opportunity to select one of six challenges and research, survey and design solutions to challenges students face as they navigate high school and prepare for postsecondary options. 

Check out their creative solutions for each of the challenge prompts.

Promise Challenge Prompts

  • Challenge #1: Understanding Financial Aid 

    Improve student understanding of how much college costs and how to pay for it.

    Challenge #2: Parent & Community Engagement Support

    Strengthen the role that parents & the community play in supporting students through the college process. 

    Challenge #3: College Options & Best Fit Colleges

    Design solutions to help students understand options after graduation & choose the destination that best fits their aspirations.

  • Challenge #4: Supporting DACA/Dreamer Students

    Design a program to support all immigrant students, regardless of their documentation status, to attend college. 

    Challenge #5: College Culture That Incorporates All Students

    Develop a campus culture that expects and supports ALL students pursuing college or career after graduation.

    Challenge #6: Career Exploration & Workforce Connections

    Re-imagine high schools by expanding access to career exploration, including real-life work experiences.