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Free college-for-all program sees 'phenomenal' results for Dallas County colleges

Tuition-Free Deal Now A Promise Kept From Dallas County

Boosting Career Readiness In Dallas

Of the 19,000 economically disadvantaged Dallas County 8th graders in 2006, less than 10% went on to complete a college degree six years after high school graduation, by 2016. Community leaders agreed they needed to find a way to do better.  

Dallas County's college-for-all effort gets a big push from one of America's largest companies

It’s been a banner year for Dallas County Promise — a not-yet-year-old effort to send every graduating senior from nearly three dozen Dallas County high schools to college with their tuition covered.

Free College Tuition Program Gets Millions In Private Sector Support

Former Second Lady Jill Biden Cheers On Dallas Students Going To College

Dallas County Promise Gets Millions In Private Sector Support

Student, Family, Community Success: That's The Dallas County Promise

Seeds for the Dallas County Promise were planted long before the program was announced in fall 2017. Those seeds—which sprouted with the Rising Star program more than 20 years earlier—began to grow when the Dallas County Community College District’s higher education network began to synapse and expand.